Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Make- Itz

Let's talk Family Cookbooks!

My 86 year young mom loves to cook and bake, and we all love to eat her wonderful culinary creations! I've been blessed to move close enough  to be her 'sous' chef. She loves to make cookies, so before the holidays, we scheduled cooking baking sessions. As she gathered her recipes from many different resources she stated that she should keep them together for next year's baking. The proverbial light bulb went off in my paper crafting brain and I exclaimed--"Let's make a Grannie Cookie Cookbook!"  I asked her to gather ALL of her favorite cookie recipes together in a box so I could begin the copy process. I told her not to worry about spills and stains, that just shows it is a favorite. I also asked her to write out as many in her handwriting as possible.
We decided to put one recipe on each page in case she wants to comment on ways she has found to improve the recipe. She has now decided not to limit the book to just cookies.
After the recipes are compiled, I will make copies for all---offspring, grand offspring and great grands,etc. (These make great Christmas gifts that all will treasure.)
Now to decide on a Title... if mom doesn't have one in mind, I may make that a contest for all to submit and let her choose.  Cover sheets and recipes will be bound into a simple book.

The following are examples of ways to compile family recipes:
1. I used a three ring binder so more could be added. I put the pages in sheet protectors.

 2. My daughter in law to be had hers professionally printed and bound.
 3.Even a simple photo album from the dollar store makes a great quick and simple recipe holder. It is the right size for cards and protects them during the cooking process.

Consider making your own family recipe book before those beloved special recipes are lost forever.

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  1. great idea. family history and good eating between the covers of a book.

    1. Always a winner, can't wait to share the finished project.


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