Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Make- Itz

Tomorrow is my craft class with my Seniors.
Since someone gifted me a box of greeting card envelopes--all sizes and colors, our craft will be a greeting card holder/organizer out of everyday supplies.

6-8 envelopes
Double stick tape
Stick on labels
Ribbon or stretchy cord
large clip for hanging

1. Chose the number of envelopes to make the organizer. I found that too many makes it too heavy to hang or too bulky to fold into a book.
  2. Match bottom of one envelope on top of flap of another, secure with double sided tape. Continue until all envelopes are added,except for the top one.
 3. Turn the top envelope over for a nice finish, and to hold stamps, etc--the flap can be closed.
 4.Add labels--this one is for birthday, thank you cards, etc. I also made one that has 7 envelopes--6 for the months of the year, and the top one for stamps. Add special dates under the month as a reminder.
 5. This organizer has been accordion folded-use a pretty ribbon, or stretchy cord to keep it closed.
 6. Left organizer is for the months of the year--two months to each envelope. Right organizer holds general greeting cards.
 7. Organizer can also be hung up.

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