Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Treatz

Do you ever need a quick and easy  go-to recipe? Here is a 3 ingredient recipe that I learned from a dear friend. We call it LaVada's Casserole in her honor.
The time saved on cooking can be used for your craft projects!

LaVada's Casserole

1 box mac and cheese ( needs to be the dry cheese type, but can be any flavor, I like the white cheddar)
1 jar alfredo sauce( I like Ragu regular, but any flavor works)
1 package precooked sausage crumbles ( I use Jimmy Dean turkey sausage, but can use any flavor)

1. cook macaroni, drain and put into a large casserole dish
2. add alfredo sauce and sausage crumbles
3. sprinkle dry cheese sauce mix over top
4. Bake 350degree oven until bubbly, about 45 minutes
5. can be made ahead and baked later, great leftovers, can be microwaved

Yum Yum

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