Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Make-Itz

Keep an open mind to interesting craft opportunities.
This recently happened with an instant bird bath.

I brought home a non-working concrete fountain from my folk's house.
It sat  as I 'pondered' what to do with it.
Finally I asked to have the base and the large concrete bowl put in the center of our crop circle a.k.a. the place where an above ground pool once lived.
I filled it with water hoping it didn't have a crack or a leak. No leaks!
I also added some cut hosta stems to attract more birds.
After a few days, I looked out to see a large robin doing the back stroke in the new birdie spa!

Of course, now I have one more daily chore--the silly (or smart) birds won't use the birdbath until it has been cleaned out and fresh water added! Before long, the birds will probably be pecking on my door ordering a cold drink with a little umbrella!

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