Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Make-Itz

Re-purposing Children's Artwork

I LOVE kid's artwork.
It is so creative, expressive and free from preconceived notions of what art should be.
As I continue to settle into Wee Acres,
I came across a box of my kid's art through the years.
It brought back many smiles--the belly buttons on everything along with lollipop trees.
Needless to say my fridge was always an art museum with the pictures of the week. 

Of course a mom can't keep all of the art produced by her children,
but there are many ways to preserve these wonderful creations:

--Use larger pieces for wrapping paper
--take pictures or scan the artwork, send it to a photo website and have it bound into a book. (This would be a fun birthday or Christmas present for the artist to revisit younger years)
--take pictures to an office store and have them laminated to use as placemats
--pick out a favorite, reduce in size, make copies and bind them into a notepad
--scan and use the pictures on a calendar to give to the grandparental units
--use the smaller pictures as post cards or note cards
--place the favorites into an empty scrapbook
--ask your local pizza place if you can purchase a few unused boxes for artwork storage

Please add your ideas!

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  1. great tips for kid art. now that i've moved on to grandchildren there is twice the art in the house. the book idea is my favorite.

  2. Haven't begun receiving grandchildren art work yet, but I plan to use some of these ideas when I do.
    A few more that I thought of--scan and send in to make mousepads, totes and mugs!


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