Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Tipz

10 Easy Ways to dress up your Cardstock
(From ScrapbooksEtc. last issue August 2012--boo hoo, was a great magazine. Check out the online newsletter: scrapbooksEtc.com)

1. Emboss it.
2. Ink its edges.
3. Paint it.
4. Spritz it with water, crumple it, and ink it when it's dry.
5. Layer punched designs on it. 
6. Punch a border on it. 
7. Sand its edges.
8. Spritz it with ink.
9. Stain it. 
10. Stitch it. 

Most of all have fun!

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  1. wonder what it would look like to do all of these techniques to a single sheet of card stock? would be interesting to find out.

  2. Great idea! Let's all try that and see what we get!


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