Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Make Itz

The youngest recently completed the course requirements
for his Master of Architectural studies.
He accepted a full time job as a project manager/draftsman at a construction company.
To celebrate his achievements, I made a Full Time Employment Survival Kit:

Items included: a new mug with his name on it along with a bag of coffee, a brown bag with his old elementary school thermas for lunches, pen, notebook, notepad, t-shirt, key chain, calculator, and chocolate for an afternoon pick me up. Many of the items were ordered personalized from

A 'survival kit' could be made for any occasion: new baby, off to college, birthday, anniversary, get well, thinking of you, or even just because.

Share your ideas!

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  1. Survival kit for moving to a new state and new apartment included several bottles of good smelling hand soap from bath and body, plug in air freshener with several refills, purse size antibacterial, hair bands (for a girl), lip balm, new toy for kitten, and weather radio with batteries.

    1. those are great survival kit ideas! how about a grandchildren's summer visit to grandparent(s) house? art supplies, bubbles, jigsaw puzzle, books, dvds, popsicles, candy bowl, ingredients for baking cookies. the possibilities are endless!


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