Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Make-Itz

 These are just toooooooo cute, 

  from the current issue of Martha Stewart Living Mag. 

  You will need to go to 

  to download the free transfer patterns.


Trompe L'oeil Tote Bags and Pouch

Using our clip art printed onto fabric transfers, you can turn a plain tote into a witty style statement.

Fabric Transfer How-To

Tools and Materials

T-shirt transfer paper
Pouch or tote bag
Clutch Clip Art
Handbag Clip Art
Purse Clip Art
  1. Download clip art, and print on transfer paper. (Use dark-T-shirt transfer paper if ironing onto a colored fabric.)
  2. Cut out design. If printing on colored fabric transfer, trim as close to outline as possible.
  3. Position design on fabric as desired. (If making the above tote, cut out the components separately and place them on corresponding parts of the bag.)
  4. Following the manufacturer's instructions for the transfer paper, press design onto fabric.

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