Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Make-Itz


Greetings loyal followers.

I'm taking a breather from the hospital to recharge.
We are hoping dad will be released to the skilled care facility, then rehab, then home!
The facility is closer to home so that will be easier on all. 

Being an educator, I often felt that the calendar year
should begin with September instead of January.
I begin my search for the perfect planner this time of year.
Since I have not been able to locate one,
I decided to make one with the help of a few great websites,
and a notebook purchased at the back to school sales.

Free planner printables (click here for pages for planner) (click here for month names clipart)
Organized Christmas  (click here for some great pages for you planner, especially  for the holidays.)

 Free Printables even has a scrapbook planning page to print.
I printed the pages on card stock, and plan to reinforce the holes.
I printed the names of the months onto sticker paper. I will just cut out and stick on pages!
I found a 3 hole punch that fits into a notebook, and added a pencil pouch.

Have fun personalizing your planner.

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  1. oooooohhhhh! a treasure! great idea!

  2. Love the christmas planning website. Definitely will be spending more time there!

  3. It's a great one! I use it all year round.


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