Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Make-Itz


Illinois visitors came to Wee Acres last week.  
We talked, laughed, crafted, did some porchin' and took a few field trips.
We all cherished the time we had together.
The next reunion is already being planned!

I sent with them a 'Pass-Along' book before they had to return to reality.
The concept reminds of when we had 'autograph' books in elementary school
to pass around the class for friends to write in.
The only difference is this is an art book,
so instead of just an autograph, a page is decorated.
Once their page is complete, they Pass It Along to another.

I found mid size 'smash' type albums at an overstock store;
however, any type of notebook will do. Just be sure that the outside is
strong enough to withstand being passed from person to person.
If need be, cover the outside with contact paper. 

 I printed and attached simple instructions to the outside.

This book came with stickers and embellishments for use,
or the artist can always add their own ideas.

This is what is on the cover:

Chose a page, and make it your own.
Be sure to sign and date it.
Use anything in the pouch.
When you are done, pass it along to another.
                    Return to:

 Don't forget to add your name and return address.

It will be interesting to see the pages when they are returned!

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