Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Make-Itz

Scrapbook+Techniquebook = Scrapniquebook

I learned many new techniques at the Creating Keepsakes Convention classes.
To practice the techniques, we made one or two page scrapbook layouts.
I took these pages, added photographs and memorabilia to make a
Scrapbook/Technique book.
Not only will I remember what I learned in class, but the great time I had learning it!

I started with a fun album I had purchased at a closeout store and had just put away for the
perfect project.

We learned how to make mosaic pages.
I purchased a post card of the Resort to put on this page.
If you cannot get a good picture of an area, 
Post Cards are great fill ins. 

Banners are big this year. This one was made with baker's twine and stickers.

I thought this page was so pretty it didn't even need a picture. 

This is one of my favorite pages and techniques from Heartfelt Creations. We learned to make the layered flowers.

Have fun making your own Scrapnique Book!

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  1. pretty pages for scrapbooking! you learned a lot!

  2. This is a great idea! Loved the page you did nothing to and also the flower page. I have a whole notebook of cards I or others have made, actually 2 books, for ideas. Thinking I should put notes in the cards about techniques used.

  3. We did learn a lot! Working on the pages, it was fun to revisit the convention.
    It would be a good idea to put notes about techniques.
    What kind of notebook did you put your cards in?


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