Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Make-Itz

 Witches Brew--Boo

Happy October--one of my favorite times of the year.
I have fond memories of the kids helping me decorate
the house--inside and out, and preparing for Halloween.
It took weeks to decide on trick or treat costumes.

One tradition they looked forward to each year was "Witches Brew"

A few weeks before Halloween, the Good Witch would begin to 'visit'
and each night secretly leave a treat bag of most interesting goodies.
The next  morning the kids couldn't wait to see what she left.
The treat bag would have hints such as "broom sticks"
which were really pretzel sticks. 
On Halloween's Eve, they would try to
guess what each treat was and then open the bags into the
cauldron to make a wonderful mixture of goodies.

The good witch would leave  a treat bag each evening to be discovered the next  morning.  A fun Halloween bowl would work if a cauldron is not available.
Ideas for treat bags:
Tiger Toes: candy corn
Drops of Blood: red m&m's
Broom Sticks: pretzel sticks
Pebbles: peanuts
Green Teeth: green m&m's
Tiny Pumpkins: orange m&m's or candy pumpkins
Mushy Brains: marshmallows 

Have fun thinking of more treats
for the Good Witch to leave in the cauldron.

I made each of them their own 'Witches Brew' kits:
I found  collapsible cauldrons along with treat bags at the after Halloween sales and put together ideas so the Good Witch can visit their homes.
The tradition continues!

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