Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Make-Itz


It's almost Halloween, time to make your Jack-O-Lantern.

I have vivid memories as a child of making Jack-O-Lanterns out of the perfect pumpkins.                         
Dad would cut out the top, we would scoop out the 'innerds' which were always rather
goopy and gross. Sometimes mom would roast the seeds to enjoy later.

Then we would cut triangles for eyes and a nose, along with a goofy grin.
A candle would be placed inside to give our pumpkin face its glow.
Of course it would always catch on fire!
Wow, have Jack-0-Lanterns come a long way.
Today there are all kinds of patterns to trace for elaborate carvings.
Little LED lighted votive candles are used so no more fried pumpkin. 
Or, the pumpkin is decorated without even cutting it, but just adding embellishments.

I was so excited to find that a 'volunteer' pumpkin vine had three large pumpkins.
I kept watching their progress and deciding when to pick 'the perfect' pumpkin.
Sunday morning brought a surprise: a four legged creature had decided to
carve my almost ripe pumpkin. 
At first I was sad, but then  found it rather comical.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Wee Acres!

A four legged artist decided
to carve the Great Pumpkin.
All is not lost,
we will save the seeds
to plant next year. 

More carvings on the pumpkin. 

We decided to move the 'tie-dyed' pumpkin to
safer ground. 

Not sure if this will turn completely orange, but it's still a wonderful pumpkin.

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  1. that artist made abstract art of your pumpkin!


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