Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday Make-Itz

Thank You Notes!

Let's make some old fashioned thank you notes.
Even though it is easier and faster to send a text or email note,
there is nothing like receiving appreciative Snail Mail.
(more fun than getting all bills)

Right after Christmas we would take a day and make
thank you notes to send to family and friends.
Before they could write, I would have the kids hold a
'Thank You' sign along with the gift. I would then take pictures
of them with the sign and gift.
We would attach the pictures to a note card. 
(Don't forget to add the date for future reference.)

Other ideas for Thank You Notes:

Artwork made into note cards
Decorated Post Cards
A dictated letter on decorated letter paper

Please add more ideas!

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  1. if someone gave a gift and also sent a christmas card, i would use the card as the thank you note. cut apart the two halves of the card and use the cover art as the front of the new thank you note post card.

    if a family gift was given, a fun thank you is to have everyone write a personal note on a blank card. when the card is opened, all the individualized greetings are revealed. it looks neat!

  2. Excellent idea! What a great way to upcycle greeting cards--and a nice surprise for the gifter to re-receive their card.


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