Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Make-Itz

Pre-Made Photo Album Gifts

When a baby is born--so is a grandmother! 

A few years ago I made a Baby Girl scrapbook. Pictures, journaling,along
with a few more embellishments is all that it would need to be finished!

This proud 'Oma' (German for grandma) will now be able to finish this book
with the recent birth of a granddaughter!

I enjoy making and giving pre-made photo/scrapbooks
to new parents and grandparents.
Most people do not have the time to make the pages, but
they would have a few minutes to place pictures into an almost completed album.
(Pictures need a place to live other than a shoebox.)
I also include the adhesive with the gift.
Small 'brag' books can be made out of inexpensive photo albums. 
Decorate the front and add pretty paper to the picture pockets.

I have also found some nice pre-made albums to purchase.

Purchased Pre-Made Photo Album

Just add photos.

 A Baby Boy Book I Made, just add photos.

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