Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Make-Itz

Let's make a memory.

Soon after we moved to Tennessee, my father's health began to decline.
August 14, 2012, he began his journey to regain some of his health and well being.
From August 14  he had three major surgeries and
was in some sort of medical facility until we brought him home January 14, 2013.
He knew he was home.
It brought great joy and comfort for my sister and I to make it like
Christmas for him. We were rewarded with many smiles.

We have had some warm days this January, and the day I knew dad
was ready to return to his Heavenly Home, I walked around his yard and
found a handful of daffodils almost in bloom in one of his gardens.
I picked and placed the flowers close to his bed.
When I received the call to return to say my goodbyes, I looked at the
vase and the daffodils were in  full bloom!
The flowers lasted through the services, which is incredible for daffodils.
My sister is now drying them for me to save with other memories of our dad.
Now, whenever I see a daffodil, I will smile and know that dad is near.

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  1. i shall think the same whenever i see a daffodil.....

    1. Daffodils in January/February seem kind of unique...just like Grandpa Herb was. :)


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