Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Make-Itz Updatz

Covered Boxes Updatz

Crafting is always a work in progress, so I have some updatz on the covered boxes project. 

Crafting friend Patt had a great idea to put duct tape on the cardboard
before covering it with fabric or cardboard.
She is also going to bring the fabric around
and over the edges to give a nice clean look. 
The only problem we could see with doing this is that the box may not
close up tight if the fabric becomes too thick.
Be sure to check this before the fabric is sealed to the box.

I found the white boxes with handles at Staples.
Uline also has many different kinds and sizes if you need a large quantity.
Look for 'carrying cases' instead of storage boxes.

Fabric Covered Carrying Case with Duct Tape on outside for added strength.

Duct tape added before being covered.

The tape will be covered with fabric or paper.

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  1. ah! the multi multi benefits of duct tape! quack!


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