Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Make-Itz

Let's make:


My friend and loyal reader Kathy C. subscribed to the Paper Pumkin Craft kit program.
When her first box arrived, she commented that it would be a great storage box for other
projects if the address sticker wasn't in the way.
I had an AHA moment----let's cover boxes to not only make the box prettier,
but to add strength as well.
The possibilities are endless: fabric,decorated paper, stickers, duck tape, stamps
along with other embellishments. Shop your stash to make your box unique!

I unfolded the box and took off any torn pieces of paper that would not glue down. I found material or a large piece of paper and glued it to the box.
Pieces of paper could also be used,much like a collage.
After the sealant has dried, cut the excess paper off close to the box.
Don't be concerned if there are wrinkles or bubbles,
just use these areas as opportunities for embellishments.

I used Modge Podge sealant to adhere the fabric and paper to the cardboard.
(I like I should purchase this medium by the gallon as much as I have used it lately!)

Paper Pumkin Box covered in plain brown paper.

Fabric Covered Box. Unfold the box and lay it flat before covering with material.
Box after fabric has dried and cut to shape of box.

Inside of box with project supplies. Inside can also be sealed or covered.
I put another coat of sealant on fabric before putting it back together.
Use duck tape on the lid hinge to give the box more strength or cover the whole box with tape. 

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  1. oh wow! a project for our projects! lol.....


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