Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Make-Itz

Shadow Boxes and Handwriting

I am gathering memories of my dad to place into a Shadow Box.

Since handwriting is a unique identifier for each person,
it is important to include samples of dad's handwriting in the shadow box.
This will not be difficult since dad enjoyed making lists,
kept travels journals,newsletters,and even a notebook of the breads
he made in his bread maker.
However, in the age of computers and technology, 
it seems that handwriting is becoming a lost art.
When I teach scrap booking, I stress the importance of leaving a
legacy of the family history in handwritten words.
Many people express concern that they do not like their handwriting,
but when I explain that it is something to leave the family,
they aren't as nervous about 'ruining a scrapbook page.'

Take a moment and send someone special a hand written note--
you will be sharing a part of yourself. 


  1. a person's handwriting is a part of a person! the memory shadow box you are creating sounds like a great way to honor someone; including items in that person's handwriting.

  2. I heard about a school that has stopped teaching
    cursive handwriting! I can't even imagine that.


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