Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Tipz


something bought or offered for sale at a desirable price 

Always be on the 'lookout' for great bargains--
   money saved on necessities can be used for crafting supplies!
I think I hit pay dirt yesterday at a resale shop and a big box store:

I found a new Springbok 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that retails for $20 at specialty stores for 50cents-but since it was green tag half price day, it ended up being 25CENTS! Incredible. 

I also had  to stop at the big box store.
Right by the entrance were pallets of cereal packaged in a 'kit'
to make Party Mix. Each kit contained 3 full size boxes of cereal along with seasoning packs. The kits were selling for $3.00--making each box of cereal a $1.00 with the seasoning packs almost free.  I checked the price of the cereal on the shelf--and each box retailed for $3.59 each.  I picked up many kits since I make lots of Party Mix and Puppy Chow. (The use by dates are far into the future.)
I also plan to share with friends and family who are gluten-free 
along with donating to the local food bank.
I estimated I got $139.00 worth of product for $27. 
Now that's a bargain! 

Full size boxes of cereal and two seasoning packs for $3.00.

It just looks like I'm a hoarder, but I have plans for each kit! 

Extra Tuesday Tipz:

I'm not sure if this is true for all States, but in Tennessee,  the dentist is only required to check your teeth after a cleaning once a year. If teeth are cleaned more than once, and all is ok, 
the patient can opt out of the dental check charge.

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  1. that's a heap of tipz for tuesday! you definitely excelled at bargains!

  2. I definitely thought hoarding when I saw the picture! Will have to see if there are any boxes still around next time I visit! Hahaha!


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