Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Make Itz

Plastic Lid Flowers

The Whimsey Project had a craft challenge to create with simple materials:
click here to view the blog and the challenge.

My inspiration came while eating at a fast food restaurant:
soft drink lids are the perfect base for making flowers!
The lids have an X cut out for the straw which is great for poking
circles through to make a flower.
Circles can be made from any pliable material
such as fabric, tissue paper, coffee filters or creped filter paper.

Finished project

Components for project.

Cut large circles of desired material.
(May have to experiment with size of circles depending on size of lid.)
Poke through lid where straw should go.
Secure to the back of lid or twist and tape,
then remove from lid if you do not need the lid as a base. 
For a fuller flower, add more circles.
I took a small ink pad and colored the ends of the flower.

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  1. you more than "rose" to the whimsical wednesday challenge!


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