Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Make Itz

Upcycled Metal Watering Can Planter

My dad had purchased an old fashioned metal watering can from an old fashioned
type of hardware store. It was a gift for us to use on our many flowers.
Somehow when we moved to Wee Acres, the end of the spout got broken.
Being from my dad, I didn't want to just 'recycle' the metal,
so I upcycled it into a planter. I even filled it with a beautiful plant from his service.

1. Poke holes in the bottom for drainage. I used a hammer and a large nail.
2. Place rocks in first for drainage and weight.
3. Add potting soil.
4. Place plant into potting soil.
5. Use fertilizer infused water to soak the transplant.

Broken Old Fashioned Watering Can

Tools to poke holes in bottom.

Holes in bottom of can.

Added rock.

Soil and plant.

Place of honor on the front porch.

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