Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Make Itz


The resident agronomist at Wee Acres is very happy to be able to
plant veggie gardens this year. He made rectangular beds, added rich soil
and his green thumb--he can make a rock grow!
He and the garden has produced delicious fresh veggies!
So far we have enjoyed peas, potatoes and onions.
The green peppers and tomatoes aren't far behind.

Make your own patio veggie garden
with large flower pots and good quality plants and soil. 
Be sure to keep watered in the summer heat. 


'Maters and Peppers

Peppers almost ready to pick.

Large onions from a small garden.

Only half the onion crop!

Craftin' with Suz's Garden!

A tomato on its way to a BLT sandwich!

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  1. awesome! alan's garden is always a work of art!


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