Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Make Itz

COMMAND CENTRAL--Operation Greeting Card

I have been in a cleaning and organizing mood.
Since I am 'solar powered', I will credit the
longer sunny summer days along with the
Super Full Moon for this boost of energy.

LOVE LOVE LOVE greetings Cards-
buy, make, read, send, receive, save, display!

However,my card stash was scattered
all over the house making it difficult to find
just the right one for each occasion.
I gathered all the cards in one place so
I could see what I had and what I needed.
I already had two boxes complete with dividers
especially made for card organization.
This made it easy to sort and organize the cards.
Any box will do, even a shoe box.
Extra pieces of cardboard can be cut to make dividers. 
A loyal reader and good friend is making a
beautiful card organizer album, with pockets for each month
along with a calendar on each page for special dates. 

I also printed out a list for birthdays and anniversaries.

click here for printable list

I made room on the 'bill paying' desk for:
the cards, stamps, pens, address book and return address stamp.
Greeting Card Command Central!

Organized boxes of greeting cards.

Dividers make it easier to sort and find the perfect card.

Birthday and Anniversary List

Tools stored in desk drawer to send the perfect card!

Never underestimate the power of a greeting card!


  1. excellent idea! greetings in the form of a card received in the mail is truly a treasure.

  2. Now the challenge will be to keep it organized!

  3. keeping it organized?! isn't that the supreme, ongoing challenge of the entire household!?


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