Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Make Itz

Organizing Stamp Sets and Stamp Pads

I have been on a mission to find the best way to organize many stamp sets so
I will know what I have since--if you see it you will use it!
I tried boxes, totes, and shelves.
None of these worked since I had to shift through all of the sets to
find the ones that I wanted.

I finally decided to try pull out drawer sets.
I found inexpensive 10 drawer sets on rollers at Sam's,
but Walmart and other big box stores probably have the same thing.
This is a great time of year to find organizing supplies
with school and college products displayed.

I dumped all of my sets onto the floor of the craft room
and sorted, sorted, sorted.  I put all of like sets together such as
Birthday, Holiday, Thankyou, Flower, etc.
I then decided to break apart sets to put like stamps together.
I now have one drawer of all "Happy Birthday" and "Thank You" stamps. 
Just open the drawer and decide which stamp to use!
CAUTION--wood stamps can be heavy, so be careful not to overfill the drawers--it can break down the wheels and the drawers. I don't plan to move mine around, so it won't stress the wheels.

I also kept a few sets together that are only used once a year such
as Graduation sets. I put those on a shelf, along with the clear sets that are
stored in DVD cases. 
I liked how this turned out so much that I got a set of drawers for stamp pads and
adhesive supplies.
Share how you organize your stamp sets and supplies!

Ten drawer sets from the Big Box Store.

Like stamps organized into same drawer.

Second set of drawers for stamping/crafting supplies.

Stamp sets that aren't used as often stored in cases on shelves.

Cling sets stored on shelf.

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