Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Make Itz

Organizing Thin Cutting Dies

A big part of papercrafting is organizing tools and supplies.
I have found that if I can 'see' my supplies and easily
get to my crafting tools, then I will use them.
Creativity is zapped if time and/or energy is spent on
looking for project supplies.

I needed a better way to organize thin cutting dies--
Stampin UP Framelits and Spellbinders dies.
I was surfing the web for stamp storage ideas and came
across the following idea. I can't remember what website I need
to credit, but we thank you very much for the idea.
This idea is also very portable and packable. 

DVD cases from Stampin UP or leftovers from lost DVDs.
Self Adhesive Magnet Sheets, I found a supply at Walmart, perfect size after
cutting an inch from short edge. Attach to each side of case.
Place the instructions into the front and back pockets.
Stampin UP perfect fit, Spellbinders needs to be trimmed a bit.

IMPORTANT--These magnets will hold Stampin UP Framelits,
but stronger magnets or two sheets are needed for Spellbinders.
The Spellbinders seem to be made of a heavier metal
and will fall off when case is closed if the magnet isn't strong enough. 
Also, be sure to open and close on the edges. If you push on the middle of
the case, it will pop the die off of the magnet.

DVD/Stamp set case

Self Stick Magnetic Sheets-2 to package

Spellbinders are heavier, use two sheets or a stronger magnet

Stampin UP Framelets stick just fine to these magnet sheets.

Place the instructions into the front cover pocket. Each case holds two sets.

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  1. seeing all your supplies sure helps. how about coming to my house and make all my supplies visible!?

  2. I bought some Tim Holtz plastic sleeves hole punched for a binder to store my dies and framelets in. They are maybe 8" tall? Didn't buy the "coordinating" binder as I thought I would find one less expensive at an office supply store. Havent' done that yet, so of course, haven't put sleeves in binder, haven't put dies and framelets in sleeves..... Maybe a project for this next week. This is a good idea too!

  3. Awesome idea!
    School supplies are starting to pop up at stores, so a good time to look for a binder.


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