Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Tipz

I would like to share the class projects from the CKC workshops. 

One of my favorite classes was making cards from leftover patterned paper
along with a minimal amount of 12x12 cardstock sheets. This was taught by The Paper Loft.
Below is a display of all the cards that can be made from cutting 2 sheets of 12x12 cardstock to use as the embellishment pattern on 15 cards!
It's also called the "One Sheet Wonder" template. 

One Sheet Wonder Cards

 I make and send lots of cards so the above template and the ideas below will come in handy. It is especially nice to have some card ideas for the males!

Cards made with leftovers--the bottom two were made with Washi Tape.

Another fun workshop showed us how to make our own background paper
by Nicole Petersen Designs. This is very popular with mixed media crafters.
It was fun learning to use stamp pads and inks in new ways.

The Vendor Workshop is also another popular class. We made an 8x8 album of pages given to us by the different companies from the Vendor Fair. We also made a necklace! I use this album as a Memory Book of the Convention including all of the information.  This is a tool for planning for next year's CKC. I will share the finished product in a future post.
Patt won a roll of Wired Ribbon, and we were shown how to make a flower from an 18 inch length of ribbon. Patt perfected the flower and gave us a tutorial.

Patt's flower made from wired ribbon. This is a great embellishment or hair bow. 

Neon is trending again, so I had to relive my high school days! This will be used to make fun cards.

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  1. you learned a lot of neat techniques! unbelievably one of your cards resembles the idea for an art journal page that i thought of just yesterday! /0\


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