Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday Tipz


Monday was a wasted crafting day due to an anonymous pen finding
its way into a load of laundry. Ink ended up inside both the washer and dryer drums.
Thankfully I knew exactly how to clean it.
Keep this info handy, you may need it one day.

Dryer: Throw in an old rag and run for about a minute. Open door and rub Solid Stain Stick onto the ink areas. Let the stain stick set for a few, the ink will begin to dissolve. Then rub with an eraser type sponge. Some spots may require going over more than once along with some 'elbow grease.' When all ink spots are gone, wipe down the inside to remove all stain stick product.

Washer-same as above, but don't run it first.
Keep these products handy.

The first load after this happens, I run old towels or rags to make sure all the ink is gone
before running a load of dress clothes.


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  1. I don't know anyone who leaves pens or golf tees or money or candy wrappers or wallets or kleenex in their pockets...

  2. Must be in the DNA? hahahahahaha

    1. I've instituted a "wash at your own risk" policy. Not responsible for accidents.


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