Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Make Itz

UP DATZ--make your own stamp
(See Aug. 26th Monday Make Itz for more info.)

I made a Craftin' with Suz flamingo for my first attempt at making my own stamp.

It was fun to make, and I like how it turned out.

Here are some tips I discovered along the way:

1. Start with a very simple design for the first stamp.
2. Carve small areas of the rubber at a time--more can be taken off, but can't be put back on
   once removed.
3. More rubber needs to be carved out than what looks like should be.
4. After design is carved, ink it up and try it on paper before deciding if it is finished.
5. This type of rubber needs more ink than premade stamps.
6. Some designs may need to be reversed on the stamp, it didn't matter what direction the flamingo faced, but it would matter with words.

Flamingo printed from website, colored over with pencil.

Design transferred to rubber, rubber being carved out around it.

Deeply carve around design.

Stamp design on wood block, I used Stazon Ink.

Cut foam around design to attach to wood block.

Finished stamp! Be sure to use lots of ink and pressure when stamping.

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