Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Treatz


When we were in California spoiling the GrandGirls and their parents,
we were treated to this delicious meal.
D-I-L Michelle shared her recipe for Vermicelli.
I made this last week, but tweeked it a bit by using fresh garden tomatoes
and cooking the sauce all day in the crock pot.
The leftovers are also yummy.
Bon Appetit!

Michelle's Vermicelli

Grocery list:
Diced tomatoes(I use the can with basil, oregano and olive oil)
Vermicelli noodles

1. Cook bacon(save bacon grease and set aside)
2. Put diced tomatoes in pan and simmer(the longer the better)
3. Once bacon grease has cooled a bit pour small amounts into the diced tomatoes( you can put it all in or just a bit, depends on your taste)
4. Cook pasta & garlic bread
5. Crumble up bacon on a seperate plate
6. Serve and enjoy!

"If you are short in time you can add a little flour/ water mixture to thicken up the sauce. I like to serve everything separately but you can mix everything together in a large bowl if you would like too. I usually add lots of extra basil."

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