Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monday Make Itz on Tuesday

Draft Stopper

My daughter moved into an apartment with a fireplace.
(Go figure---she can't use a grill on her balcony, but she has a fireplace!)

A draft was coming down the chimney making the living area uncomfortable,
so we made a draft stopper to place in the opening.


Half sheet of Insulation Sheeting (available at home stores, ask clerk to cut sheet in half.)
Duck Tape
Burlap to match decor
Ribbon to match burlap color

The hardest part of this project was cutting the insulation board to fit the fireplace opening.
First cut it almost to size, then continue to 'shave' off the sides measuring often
so it fits tightly into the opening. We used a thin blade kitchen knife,
but a box cutter would work.
Use duck tape to make 'tabs' so the board can be 'pulled' out of the opening
to be measured. Tabs will be covered with burlap.
When the board is snug, but not too tight, cover it with the burlap.
Use duck tape to attach to the back of the board.
Use two long pieces of ribbon to wrap around the board and tie to the front.
This will help to remove the board if needed to use the fireplace.

Draft stopper for fireplace.

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1 comment:

  1. neat idea that adds charm as well as function!

    oh, about fireplaces and grills.... fire codes. there's a fire wall between apartments. no such barrier exists outside!


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