Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Paper Crafting Is Alive and Well

Many changes are occurring in the world of paper crafting:
-Creating Keepsakes Magazine is now digital
(go figure--people who love to work with paper now have to read a trade magazine on computers or tablets.)
-Creating Keepsakes Convention will only be held in 12 locations in 2014.
-Archiver's, a premier paper crafting specialty store will be closing soon.
-Many local scrapbook stores have closed.
-Big Box stores have very few supplies. 

This makes one stop and ask--is paper crafting obsolete?

I truly believe this craft is alive and well.
It just may morph into other forms, such as more digital or pre-made kits. 
Many crafts have ebbed and flowed throughout the years--for example, yarn crafts
have all come and gone, but have always had loyal followers.
I feel; however, people will always want to share their memories, or make a
card to brighten a day. It just may be done in different ways. My crafting has
evolved throughout the years from the days of sticker explosion pages and cut out shape photographs to more refined designs.

A vendor I spoke with at a recent Stamp conference shared that he has seen it all--
at the height of the paper craft craze--there were over 800,000 local scrapbook stores throughout the country.
Today there is less than 2,000. However, he was optimistic that these stores were doing well.
Many stores have gone to an online presence.

Don't forget that companies like StampinUp! carry many wonderful basic supplies.
(If you would like more info, please reply to this blog or email momsuz@blomand.net)

Paper Crafting is Alive and Well!
Take time to craft in 2014--it soothes the soul!

Happy Craftin!

I recently received the following email from Archivers, a paper crafting specialty store:

(or similar link) in your email program, or click here to view as a web page.
Archiver's is closing
Past few years have been difficult
Sad to say goodbye
Thank you for your loyalty

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