Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Make Itz

Let's make some plants! 

My sister suggested I put the cut part of  romaine lettuce into water
to watch it grow! After a few days, there was a sprout!
I also found a bulb that had begun to grow, so I gave the lettuce a friend!

Lettuce and Flower friends.

We are also going to try potatoes in a pot!
First get two pots, one smaller to fit inside a larger one.
Cut two sides out of the smaller pot, place it into the larger pot.
Fill with good potting soil.
Plant a seed potato.
Keep well watered, when the potato is mature, pull the smaller pot out of the larger one,
you should be able to pick the 'taters without digging.
I will update as ours progresses through the growing season.

A smaller pot inside a larger pot, potato plants starting to grow.

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  1. you got lettuce and the lettuce got a flower! and taters! such fun!

  2. I didn't know you could grow lettuce like that! Will it grow a whole head of lettuce?

    1. the first time i tried to grow lettuce i let it go without cutting the new leaves. the few that sprouted lasted about a week and then wilted. next time i will snip the leaves as they emerge and grow somewhat. baby lettuce! then see how much grows using this method.


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