Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Freebeez

National Scrapbook Day Freebeez

The first Saturday in May is national scrapbook day.
Be sure to check out, along with your local scrapbook store
for great scrapbooking ideas.
Even if you don't scrapbook, these ideas can be used for other papercrafts.
Some mail order paper craft resources are offering free or discounted shipping tomorrow,
their websites will give you more information.

Scrapbooking is not meant to be Stress-filled, but a Stress Reliever. 

Remember, scrapbooks don't have to be time consuming or complicated.
Sometimes simpler is better and less is more.
A pre-made album, a notebook, or even a simple inexpensive album
can be just what you need to tell the story. 
Only one rule----JUST HAVE FUN!!!!!

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  1. there sure are lots of ways to scrap or enjoy paper crafts. and that's an interesting flamingo. never seen one in an apron before!


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