Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Make Itz


Mason (or canning jars) are all the rage.
The jars come in all size and colors, and can be found
at big box, dollar, and grocery stores.
The jars are an inexpensive base for many craft projects. 
If a large quantity will be needed for Holiday gifts ,
it would be a good idea to stock up during garden/canning season.
Supplies are sometimes limited after the summer.

The jars make fun gift 'bags'.
With Mom's Day this Sunday, a jar could be made to hold a gift card,
mom's favorite candy, coffee or other food products. 
Ribbon, beads and even stick-on chalkboard paper can be used to decorate the jar.

I've also seen lamps and candle holders made with the jars.
I like to use the little battery operated tea lights.

Think 'outside' the jar!

A simple mason jar can become the base for a great craft project.

Add stick on chalkboard paper, ribbon, beads, etc. to decorate the jar.

Stick the chalkboard paper onto the jar--write contents with a white pen or chalk.

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  1. that's a neat idea. i will use it for something!

  2. Lots of crafting opportunities with the jars!


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