Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Make Itz


Here is a simple and inexpensive light for
a patio table--or any outside area.
Light can be brought inside during a power outage! 

Flower pot patio light.

Inexpensive solar light (around $1 at big box stores)
Clay pot with hole in the bottom, make sure light will fit into hole
Duck tape, paints, decoupage, etc to decorate the pot

Materials:solar light, duck tape, clay pot

remove the stake from the bottom of the light

Decorate pot, I used duck tape around the bottom so it wouldn't scratch the table.

Turn pot over, place the light into the hole. 

The light makes a nice pattern. 

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  1. a neat idea! the grandchildren would enjoy making this!

  2. Yes, a fun and easy project! The clay pot can be decorated in lots of ways, and the light can be used in lots of places!


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