Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday Tipz

Revisiting Techniques

It's a good idea to review crafting techniques if a 
certain one has not been used for awhile. 
Also take time to practice the technique. 

I realized this as I was making Mom's Day cards.
I wanted to wet emboss the words on the card and found
I needed to practice the technique.
I made a mess with the powder, almost burned the card,
and didn't get all of the embossing powder melted.
So, I practiced on scrap paper until I felt
confident to emboss on the card.

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  1. Good idea. Seems like if we haven't used a technique or tool for awhile, we have to relearn all the little tricks that make it work for us!

  2. as much as we don't want to take the time to do so, practice makes the final product so much better! my sister gave me a book of a variety of scripts and one of designs/doodles. sometimes i just practice these as an activity. very relaxing.


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