Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Make Itz


Canning Jar projects continue to trend.
New accessories are coming out each day.
The latest are jar lids:

 Holes for straws for a drink glass.
 Mesh Type lids for a pencil or paint brush holder.
 Lids for flower arranging.
 Lids with a handle to make a fancy jar. 
 Lids with fancy cutouts for candle jars.

 Check out craft stores, big box stores, grocery stores or online craft websites. 

Click here to buy
These products can be ordered from Archievers Online.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday Tipz


All sizes and colors of canning jars continue to be trending.
The most recent use for the jam and pint jars are serving dishes for salads and desserts.
Add a jar lid and you are 'good to go' for a picnic. 
The pints and quarts are used for beverages.

Look for these jars at yard sales and second hand shops.
They are also available new at big box and grocery stores.
Some craft stores are also stocking all sizes and colors.
Watch for sales and closeouts after canning season for best buys.

Share you ideas for canning jars! 

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Tipz


Be sure to re-ink the whole surface of a dried up ink pad.
It may take more than one re-inking.

Also be sure to 'test' the reinked pad by
stamping an image on scrap paper before using it on a project.
The stamped image will show any areas of the pad that may not have enough ink.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Make Itz

Chic Natural Scent Diffusers

Great for home use or to give as gifts!

click here for directions

Monica Mattheny of the has great recipes/ideas for
natural scent diffusers and sprays.
Use the trending pint canning jar for this project.
Stores now have a great selection of jars with it being the canning season,
purchase now and save for Christmas gifts. 
Plant a few herbs in a small garden or pot to use in the scent diffusers. 

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