Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Make Itz and Friday Freebeez

   Hope you are enjoying the summer!
   If you have a Home Depot close by, check out their 'Make It Herself' workshops. Ours are on the third Thursday of each month. If it is a small project, all who attend actually get to make the project. If is a larger project, it is just a demonstration and a give away. July was a fun outdoor lamp/post made from landscape timbers. Your's truly won one of the completed projects! I just need to seal the wood and find a secure place to put it so the wind won't blow it over.
   The lamps are solar lights cut off to fit the drilled holes in the wood. Purchase the lights at an end of the season sale for an inexpensive project! A flower pot could also replace one of the lights. Lots of options!
   Happy Craftin'

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  1. that is so neat! looks lovely in your landscape. congratulations on winning!

  2. Thank you !
    Forgot to say that the workshops are FREE!


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