Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Make Itz

Quick and Easy Decorating Update

We are finally updating the master bath.
I had wicker baskets on the sink counter to hold the everyday 'necessities'!
The baskets had bleach spots from  toothpaste.
Instead of replacing, I decided to upcycle and update with spray paint.
I purchased a can of the "Stone" brand--it feels and looks like sand.
(Made by Rustoleum and can be found at home and big box stores.)
Since I'm going with a bit of a beach theme, at least those colors,
this paint was perfect for the update.
So, for less than $10, I have new baskets!
(Hints--have a rag to wipe the nozzle, shake the can often, and paint in an outside
area away from anything that shouldn't be painted.)


spray paint used for update


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