Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Make Itz


flexible piece of hose/pipe--5 ft or so. (HD sells one for under $2.00, or use what you have)
small zip ties
roll of wide burlap
embellishments, check out your craft stash

1. Make a circle with the flexible hose, secure with the zip ties. Cut
excess zip tie off, but not too close or the zip tie and the wreath will come apart.
2. Take a length of burlap, zip tie end to circle, make a 'bubble', zip tie, do
this around the whole circle, keeping the roll of burlap intact until circle is covered.Wait to trim the zip ties until the burlap is set.  (see pictures below)
3. Add embellishments from your craft stash. Zip tie, wire or hot glue to wreath.

make circle out of flexible pipe 

attach burlap 'bubbles' with zip ties
back of wreath--fill circle with bubbles
front of wreath--wait to trim zip ties until you get the whole circle covered
add bow and embellishments
finished wreath!

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  1. neat fall wreath made with simple materials. i would be fumbly fingers trying to make this!


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