Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday Tipz and Wednesday Websitz


Fall is just a week away--the Holidays can't be far behind, then here comes the New Year!!!!!
2015 Dates are already booking up--so it was time to update with 2015 planner pages.
My printer has been busy this morning!

Organized Home--click here for the best FREE website on the Internet for
great holiday planners/gift ideas/calendars.

I really like the 'portrait one month at a time' calendars to print
and put into my notebook planner.
(Sometimes portrait is hard to find.)

I also printed out the gift list organizer to jot down ideas.
Last year I made a master Christmas/Birthday card list ,
so I will be reviewing and updating any new addresses, etc.
(Addresses were written in pencil so changes can be easily made.)

There is also a great list to keep track of homemade gifts, and gifts ordered online.

Check it out and get ready to have AN ORGANIZED 2014 Holiday Season--
starting with the fall festivities!

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