Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Tipz


As I was pulling out the October back issues of four different crafting magazines, it
occurred to me it would be more efficient to store all the same months together.

For example--pull all of the January issues of the different magazines and store together.
Pull all of the February issues and store together, etc. Then, when I want to find ideas for winter, Valentines Day, Christmas, Halloween, etc., all of the ideas will be together.

The magazines could also be organized by Holiday.

So this reorganizing may be a winter project. 

For those who have looked for "Scrapbooking and Beyond" and 'Paper Creations' in a two pack at SAM's, sad news in that All American Crafts Publications no longer publishes any craft magazine. 

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  1. Great idea to organize by month or season. I'm very sad to hear that we can longer by the 2 pack of scrapbooking beyond and paper creations. I enjoyed those magazines.

  2. I agree--they will be missed.
    I have found a free online magazine I will share in a future post.


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