Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Make Itz

Tile Coasters and Trivets

October's make-it at Home Depot was coasters made from tiles.
We spray painted an undercoat,
then brushed on a crackle finish paint, added initials and sealed.
An easier way to make tile coasters is with scrapbook/craft paper and sealant.

Blue tiles are painted, white tiles not painted.


Tiles from home improvement store
Craft paper
felt pads

Choose tiles from home store.

Use eye glass wipe or rubbing alcohol to clean tile.

Die cut from craft paper, freehand a design, or cut a square.

Brush sealant onto tile, press paper onto tile. Make sure all air bubbles are pushed out. 

Make sure tile is clean.
Use good quality craft paper. (Construction paper will smear and colors will run.)
Add a few coats of sealant, letting dry between coats.
Add felt pads or stick on cork to bottom to protect furniture.
Make a sets for gifts! 

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