Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Make Itz


from Woman's Day Magazine, November, 2014 Issue
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    Glow Time

    Inspired by outdoor luminaries, these little bags are safe for the table and fun to make. These crafts are also charming when grouped in an entryway.
    TIME 20 MIN F COST $25
         • Small brown paper bags ($1.97 for 100;
         • Scissors
         • Decorative border punch ($10.99;
         • Cardboard scrap
         • Painter's tape
         • Nail
         • Flameless votives ($14.99 for pack of 12;
         • Clear plastic or glass drinking cups
         • Wooden cutting board or tray (optional)
    1. Trim the top of each bag with scissors to a different height to create some variation in the grouping. Use the punch to create a scalloped detail along the top edge of each bag.
    2. Cut the piece of cardboard slightly smaller than the front of one of the bags. With the bag still folded, slide the cardboard inside. Print out one of the leaf templates and position it on the bag, using painter's tape to lightly secure them together. Use the nail to poke holes through the template and the bag, allowing the cardboard to block the nail from going through the other side. Carefully peel off the tape and remove the template.
    3. Repeat Step 2 with a different template (use all three leaf patterns to vary the bags). Stand the bags up and unfold them.
    4. Fill 3 cups with switched-on votives. Place a cup inside each bag to create a glow.
    5. Cluster bags on a cutting board or tray for added impact, if desired.

    Use craft tools such as decorative scissors for border, or leave plain.
    Watch for flameless votive sales during the Holidays.
    Save and wash clear cups from take out orders.
    Other big box/grocery stores have lunch bags, sometimes in colors.

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