Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Make Itz

Build a Bouquet Flower Kit from Stampin' UP

I tried  making a few of the poppies in the Build a Bouquet Flower Kit
in the Spring Occasions here to see catalog
I was all 'thumbs' the first flower I made, but got better with practice.
The instructions call for a glue gun--which is not my favorite adhesive.
However, I agree that is it a must have for this project.
I kept burning my fingers with the high heat gun/glue I used, so,
I decided to get a low/high heat gun. I haven't tried it yet, but I am
hoping the low heat will work as well as the high heat setting.

-Watch the UTube Video on the Stampin Up website before you begin.
Then follow it as you make one of each flower.
click here for video

-Gather all materials before beginning. Use a heat safe work mat.

-This would make a great gift for a nursing home/hospital patient.
I know some nursing homes do not allow real flowers.

-Use one flower with a nice card attached for Valentine's Day, Birthday, or Just Because.

 -I also purchased the die to cut my own petals. I plan to try different types of paper
  for a future Monday Make Itz.

Inside of flower is a roll of fringed paper.

Paper petals before flower construction.

Another view of the completed poppy.

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