Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday Tipz


Large and small muffin/cup cake tins are great for all types of organizational needs.

Small tins can hold desk supplies such as paper clips and rubber bands.
This can also be used for small craft supplies!

Large tins can be used in the 'junk' drawer to keep it tidy.
One of my favorites is one I read in a magazine: use the tin to carry
many filled drink cups at once. This would be a great way to serve
at a meal or party without fear of spilling the drinks!

If you don't have extra muffin/cup cake tins to use for organization,
check out the dollar stores and second hand stores for inexpensive tins.

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  1. a very good idea. the drink carry tip? i wouldn't spill. i would drop it all! lol...


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