Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday Websitz

Trade Magazines

It makes me sad that the number of Papercraft/Scrapbooking/Card Making trade magazines
are slowly dieing.
One finally went to an online only magazine--go figure, papercrafters who enjoy
working with paper have to go online to read this magazine. I understand it is
much easier/cheaper to post online, but it is still sad. I must have not been alone since this magazine folded as well.
I received an offer for a British magazine I thought I would try out.
While it has great ideas, I had to chuckle when everything to order was overseas, cost was in Pounds, along with metric measurments. I will see the subscription through the year, but I doubt I will reorder.

I have been looking for other sources of inspiriation, so today's Website is a blog
you might want to follow. It is also a FREE online magazine.

click below:

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  1. at least the magazines exist in some form! the link is a neat resource.

  2. true, and maybe a new one will be published!


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