Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Make Itz

(or other gift) BASKETS

I'm not a fan of the store bought colored plastic 'grass'
to fill Easter Baskets. It always had a mind of its own and
ended up all over the house.

There are easy, inexpensive alternatives:

1. UPcycle packing materials.  Some companies pack their products in
    reusable materials. For example, Burts Bees uses a crinkled brown paper product.
    This would make an excellent filler for baskets or in vases for artificial flowers.

 2. Make your own with scrap paper and fringe scissors--scissors that have many blades that cut all at once to form fringe. These can be used either left or right handed.

3. Use a crimper,then cut paper apart.

4. Clean out the paper shredder and run colored scrap paper or magazine/catalog pages
 through the shredder.

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