1. Make a base to hold each shell by cutting card stock into a 1¼-in. x 5-in. strip and wrapping it into a ring sized to fit your eggshell. Trim length if needed and tape in place.
  2. With spoon, carefully crack the egg in a circle near its upper third and remove top, aiming to keep the lower portion intact without cracks.
  3. Remove egg white and yolk, saving for another use. With liquid soap and warm water, carefully clean the shell. Place upside down on paper towel to air-dry.
  4. With pin or tack, carefully poke a small drainage hole in the bottom of the shell. (It’s easier if you poke from the inside out.)
  5. Spoon soil into the shell until it’s half-full. Place some seeds on top and cover with a little more soil.
  6. Place shell in card stock ring base and set on top of paper towels to absorb water. Add a small amount of water. Put in a cool, sunny place indoors; water regularly.
  7. Once your sprouts are up, you can plant them in a pot or outdoors. Before planting, crack the shell slightly to allow roots to grow through.

Easy Eggshell Gardening Craft originally sent in by Brooke Bock from Tyrone, Pennsylvania